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Registered Manager - Care Job Details
Job title: Registered Manager - Care
Category: Healthcare
Term: Permanent
Location: Suffolk
Ref: 895520
Job description:

CLIENTS * Promote the development of the children * Protect children from threats to their health, welfare and normal development, both from inside and outside the home. * Ensure that key stages in the stay of children such as admission and discharge are properly managed and reflect decisions recorded in care plans. * Ensure that children facing crises and stresses are offered appropriate additional support. * Ensure that the children are involved for their own lives, involving them in planning their lives supporting them and helping them towards taking greater control and responsibility * Participate, develop and implement support plans, ensuring their suitability and success are reviewed; including the delivery of the outcome star. * Write or delegate the duty of monthly reports and needs assessments as well as any other appropriate document (such as risk assessments) as required. * Develop and maintain good working relationships with clients

STAFF * Develop and maintain good working relationships with staff * Ensure all new staffs are supported fully and complete their induction packs. * Ensure you are providing both informal and formal support to the staff working with you * Offer formal supervision monthly to the staff in your line management; ensure supervision is delivered throughout the supervision structure of your department and that this is of good quality. * Complete appraisal, disciplinary and grievance processes as per company policy. * Raise any concerns about staff to the Directors * Contribute to and implement the internal training package. * Develop the staff ability to learn theoretical perspectives and enhance their reflective skills. * Ensure all meetings are implemented regarding your department, as per the meeting protocol of FEVACA.

INTERAGENCY WORKING * Create, develop and ensure positive and constructive communication occurs between FEVACA and other professionals in the field: Social Work Teams, Police, Housing, Voluntary Sector, etc. * Develop local knowledge of your field and build networks. * Liaise with OFSTED and any other suitable bodies.

FAMILY AND THE COMMUNITY * Use the residential community as a means of support and social learning for the children and team. * Introduce and involve yourself in the local community and represent FEVACA and our ethos positively. * Develop and maintain good working relationships with family members and carers

GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS. * Ensure the reporting to organisations such as OFSTED, CQC and local authorities is accurate and timely: This includes the notification of significant events, facilitation of inspections and supporting staff to manage these visits.


* Adhere to the HCPC, QTS or nursing standards of conduct, as appropriate. * Adhere to the GSCC code of Practice * Ensure you manage your CPD to meet the registration requirements of role. * Attend all training as allocated by FEVACA. * Bring to supervision areas of interest which you wish to develop. * Agree to engage in reflective supervision, including work with the CFSWP to develop and lead reflective practice groups in the organisation. * Ensure that practice is anti-discriminatory and ensure specific needs are met where appropriate such as dietary requirements, religious observance and culturally significant activities.

LEGISLATION AND POLICY * Meet and work towards exceeding the children's homes regulations 2015. * Ensure compliance with all appropriate legislation to the field of care in which you are working; to include wider legislation which is relevant for example Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Data Protection etc

* Adhere to all FEVACA policies including Safeguarding , Performance Management and Health and Safety.



* Positive and non Judgemental value base * Ability to demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities and anti discriminatory practice * A good working knowledge of the relevant legislation to your role including safeguarding, children's homes regulations and health and safety legislation * Ability to represent the organisation to external bodies and members of the community. * Ability to oversee the management of the service. * Willingness to complete direct work and shifts including sleep in's, weekends and bank holidays, when necessary. * Experience (minimum 2 years) of working with vulnerable children in a residential environment * Experience of managing staff and completing supervision and appraisal processes (at least 1 year) * Experience of managing budgets * Good standard of written and verbal English, including report writing and assessment skills. * A knowledge of the regulatory framework for the field * The completion of the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services in the children and young people's residential management pathway or equivalent


* Management Qualification * Full UK driving licence and use of a vehicle for business purpose.
Salary: 35000 per annum
Start date: 02.07.2018
Contact name: Joshua Jacob
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number: 01473 557943
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